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London is a great place to live, work and socialise. It’s also a great place to date, flirt and enjoy new and exciting kinks. If you’re a dogger in and around London, you’ll be spoilt for choice on hotspots that include secluded car parks, laybys with privacy and wooded areas that are great for full on nudity! If you’re open to the idea of sharing, showing off and public, casual sex then the London Dogging Site is the online dating site for you! Our site is filled with kinky members who love passing around their sexual partners and hooking up at the stroke of midnight in locally known dogging spots!

Dogging is a rush, it is a sexual thrill and it is no longer taboo in London. Your sex life doesn’t need to be boring or mundane, you can add a spice and spark easily with dogging! London is full of naughty doggers who are always looking for novices and shy but curious singles and couples. The thought of dogging and car park sex should fill you with excitment; driving past last night’s naughty layby on your way to work should be a secret thrill to you. Your phone buzzing with new notifications from members should distract you from your work. You should be thinking about the next hook up at every opportunity and it should get you hot under the collar!

If you’re looking to find someone to experiment with who will learn your kinks, wants and body reactions, this is the site for you! If you’re looking to meet people who love layby sex and no strings attached fun, you can tailor your search for it! Your dogging dating journey is completely up to you and can be tailored by you for your wants and needs! If you know that a tall, dark and handsome stranger who is adventurous and confident will get you hot under the collar, search for them! If you prefer a timid blonde with big boobs and an appetite for being submissive, give them a search! You can search for members by things like their appearance, age, location and even career and salary! Dogging online has never been more fun!

Dogging Locations in London

  1. Biggin Hill, Bromley , Address: Church Road, TN16 3LB. The public toilets in Leaves Green is a hot spot for day and night dogging
  2. Kenley Common, Caterham, Address: Hayes Ln, Coulsdon, Caterham, Kenley CR3 5LN. Fridays and Saturdays in the wooded area are busy with hiding places!
  3. Blackhorse Lane, Woodside , Address: Woodside Park Rd, London N12 8SE. The spot close to the tram stop is a favourite for meetings - a thrill from the lights of the passing tram!
  4. Coombe Lane, Croydon , Address: Coombe Rd, Croydon CR0 5RF. Look for Oaks Lane on the left and find the dirt parking area - plenty of action for couples!
Dogging In London

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